Swiss Zebrafish Meeting 2022

Bionomous is sponsoring the 14th Annual Swiss Zebrafish Meeting The 14th edition of the Annual Swiss Zebrafish Meeting is taking place in Basel on the 10th of June 2022. This event is a mini-symposium bringing together group leaders, post-docs, PhD and master students from Switzerland and surrounding regions working with the zebrafish model or similar ones. We are very excited to support the regional zebrafish community at this event, as we believe that many new collaborations and synergies can be initiated that will enrich the zebrafish community around us.

Startup Days 2021

Bionomous' participated at the Startup Days 2021 (SUD21) in Bern Last week, Bionomous team had the pleasure to attend the Startup Days in Bern, and pitch in front of a large audience. The Start-up days was a selected COVID-19 pilot event, with 600 attendees.  Besides, during the Startup Days, we also had the great opportunity to participate in an active exchange with politicians and representatives of the Swiss administration about the start-up ecosystem in the country and the impact of politic actions on the development of disruptive technologies. Frank Bonnet,…

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Startup days 2021

Bionomous will be present at the Startup days 2021 (SUD21)!Bionomous will attend to the Startup days 2021 organised in Bern on the 22nd and 23rd of June, and will have the pleasure to pitch on the 23rd! We are very proud to be one of the numerous startups found in Switzerland. Born as a spin off from EPFL, we have been able to grow and develop our technology in the amazing hub that Switzerland is for entrepreneurship. Bionomous operates from the swiss region of Vaud in the western part of Switzerland. Western Switzerland…

GENILEM – Support and acceleration program

At Bionomous, we are very excited to have been selected by GENILEM to join their support and acceleration program for the next 3 years! GENILEM is a non-profit association whose mission is to help entrepreneurs in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva to build innovative and viable businesses in all sectors of activity. Founded in 1995 by Armand Lombard and Anne Southam-Aulas in association with the Cantons, Chambers of Commerce and Cantonal Banks of Vaud and Geneva, GENILEM (Génération Innovation Lémanique) has supported more than 270 new companies during the…

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