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Imaging, Analyzing and Sorting

At Bionomous, we combine innovative micro-engineering design and machine learning methods to develop devices that automatically inspect and sort miniature biological entities. Our technology is focused on sorting zebrafish (Danio Rerio) eggs, which is a common and growing model for studies in genetics, development and behavioral biology, and toxicology.

zebrafish egg picture taken with the egg sorter


Either with white light or fluorescence, we are able to take one picture per egg.

image of a zebrafish egg shape after being process


By using Machine and Deep Learning approaches, we are able to classify the eggs' pictures based on visual aspects, such as: fertilization state, development stage, morphological features or biomarkers.

dispenser into multiwell plates


We are not only able to sort the eggs, but to also count them and dispense them in Falcon tubes, Multiwell Plates and Petri dishes. 


Survival rate

1 entity/second

Processing time

36 samples

Continuous observation

Data storage

For each sample

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