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We have released to the market our first product – the EggSorter CE

Bionomous, the Swiss-based startup that builds devices to automate processes in Life Science Research, announces that today its first product is market ready and has received CE certification.

The ‘EggSorter’ is a device designed to automatically screen, sort and dispense small biological entities, such as the eggs of zebrafish, killifish, medaka and other aquatic animal models. Aquatic animal models have been increasingly used in research laboratories and in the industry to find new treatments, perform toxicology tests or understand better the biology and genetics of the living beings. The team is also exploring the possibilities to apply this technology to other segments in the industry, such as diagnostics and aquaculture.

This novel technology developed by Bionomous is based on microfluidics and AI. It allows the individual screening of each sample in an automatic fashion to increase the throughput and standardize all the processes.

The EPFL spin-off incorporated in 2019, after the demonstration of the proof-of-concept and the development of the first prototype. After having closed a Seed Round last year of 1.3M, the company moved to Le Vivier in Villaz-St-Pierre, to be closer to the Nivalis Group, its lead investor. After three years of intensive development, they have a certified device that has been developed with input from some of the most prestigious labs in the world, with confirmed multiple pre-orders and sales.

The launch of the first certified Bionomous product marks the beginning of a new phase for Bionomous: This was an important milestone to reach for our company. All the team is very proud of this achievement, and we can now focus on the sales aspects of our products and put in place an in-house production of our devices.

Ana Hernando, Bionomous COO & co-founder, adds: Having the certified version of the EggSorter on the market is a major milestone that sets the grounds for our new product lines. It demonstrates the power and reliability of our team and technology, and inspires the development of the LarvaeSorter, first prototype ready for next year, and a sorter for the aquaculture industry, in need of changing its processes towards sustainability

About Us 

Bionomous is a Swiss startup born at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne). It was founded in November 2019 with the aim of building devices to automate the visual inspection, sorting and dispensing of small biological entities. The company has developed the ‘EggSorter’ which is designed to handle zebrafish eggs and any small entity, and which is now already installed in laboratories in Switzerland, Europe and the United States. 

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