Zebrafish Disease Models Society

Bionomous is going to the Zebrafish Disease Models Society! The Zebrafish Disease Models Society is taking place in Durham (NC, USA) between the 2nd and the 5th of October. This meeting is focused on the reasons why zebrafish is a great disease model and on the domain in which zebrafish are involved. We will have an exhibition stand to present the EggSorter and highlight its possible uses for zebrafish sorting. Come and visit us on our exhibition stands where we will happily present to you the EggSorter and our company!

Where do our aquatic models come from ?

Did you know that the EggSorter works with small biological entities from different species: from zebrafish, medaka and killifish eggs to xenopus oocytes and embryos? Sounds cool, right? But do you know where these species exactly come from and what they are used for in research? This article presents the ecology of these organisms and gives a glimpse of how they are used in research. Zebrafish Medaka Killifish African clawed frog Conclusion References Zebrafish The zebrafish is used as a model organism in laboratories because they are easy to feed…

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