Bionomous has been selected to receive funds from Catalyze4Life! We are proud to announce that Bionomous is among the selected projects that will receive funding from Catalyze4Life, an innovation encouragement program spearheaded by EPFL’s School of Life Sciences. Since 2017, Catalyze4Life ( provides R&D expertise and network, business development support, industrial network and funding to design, tutor and encourage the validation of promising technologies and concepts. Thus, this innovation initiative of EPFL facilitates the path towards technology transfer and potential commercialization.  It is possible to learn more about this initiative…

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Venture Kick

STAGE I - 21.01.2020 We are very excited to announce that Bionomous is now supported by Venture Kick! We plan to use the Venture Kick funds to finance the latest stage of development and manufacturing of the first versions of our EggSorter and for marketing material to be ready for sales.

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