GENILEM – Support and acceleration program

At Bionomous, we are very excited to have been selected by GENILEM to join their support and acceleration program for the next 3 years!

GENILEM is a non-profit association whose mission is to help entrepreneurs in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva to build innovative and viable businesses in all sectors of activity.

Founded in 1995 by Armand Lombard and Anne Southam-Aulas in association with the Cantons, Chambers of Commerce and Cantonal Banks of Vaud and Geneva, GENILEM (Génération Innovation Lémanique) has supported more than 270 new companies during the first three years of their growth, creating more than 3’000 jobs.

For us, GENILEM is not just a training program to help us with the business development, but the creation of partnerships within the local community, thus allowing us to form a local network.

GENILEM “pitch contest”

START UP TICKER – 10.12.2019

At the end of its 4th Project Selection Committee of the year, GENILEM selected four new companies from French-speaking Switzerland for their development potential: KickTheMap, Fair & Square, Sharing Solutions and bmyb. As a prelude to the event, 9 other projects were publicly presented as part of a “pitch contest”, among which was Bionomous.

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