Robotic’s Invest 2023

Bionomous is going to the Robotic's Invest 2023 The Robotic's Invest 2023 is taking place in Boston the 7th June. Organised by one of our Investors: Cybernetix Ventures, Bionomous is happy to announce that we are going to participate in it! Our CEO & co-founder, Frank, is going to be present in the conference. More info about the event here.

European Zebrafish Meeting 2023

The 12th European Zebrafish Meeting is taking place in Krakow! This year, the European Zebrafish Meeting is taking place in Krakow (Poland) between the 9th and 13th of July and Bionomous is going to participate.  This event highlights zebrafish research by organising lectures on the advantages of this organism as a model in science. It will also be dedicated to the presentation of research advancements involving zebrafish.  We will have an exhibition stand to present the EggSorter and highlight its possible uses with zebrafish eggs. So come and meet us…