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The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Innovation LaunchPad

We are very proud of being recognized by FET as one of the several successful examples funded by their Innovation Launchpad.

The new call for the FET Innovation LaunchPad is now open until the 14th of October 2020 and we are honored to have their recognition as one of the successful examples funded by this programme.

Bionomous got the help of the FET Innovation LaunchPad in 2019 with the main goal of studying whether there was a market for the EggSorter to automatically screen and sort miniature biological entities. During the time the project has lasted we have performed market studies and assed if the technology was suitable for the potential end-users by testing the prototype in different zebrafish facilities. Thanks to their feedback we identified on which aspects we had to work on and we started building an improved beta version that will be ready by the end of this summer.

Furthermore, thanks to the FET Innovation Launch Pad, we could build a business plan showing that there was an opportunity to exploit such technology and be profitable. And, using also other Swiss national and private grants to finance some of the key steps, we incorporated a spin-off company during the project, with the long term goal of bringing this technology to the market.

We are now 5 people working on the company and all willing to take the EggSorter to the market so we can help accelerating and standardizing research. We are sure that our technology will not only make easier the work of hundreds of researchers around the world, but also, will allow to make new discoveries, such as new drugs or new processes in the development of the eggs, that will in the end have a high impact on the society.

Check more details about the application at:

We encourage you all to apply for the FET Innovation Launchpad!

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