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New partnership between Tecnilab-BMI and Bionomous !

We are happy to announce that there is a new partnership between Tecnilab-BMI and Bionomous for the distribution of Bionomous’ products in the Benelux! 

Tecnilab-BMI is a company with headquarters in the Netherlands that provides comprehensive services for biomedical facilities and pharmaceutical plants, healthcare and biosafety. Enabling high-quality scientific research. That’s what they strive for at Tecnilab-BMI. They enable high-quality scientific research by offering sophisticated solutions for safe and efficient production facilities and high-quality care.

As a first step in our partnership, Tecnilab-BMI team has visited Bionomous’ offices in Switzerland to get to know the team and get an intensive training on the EggSorter.

So if you have a lab in the Benelux and would love to have an EggSorter, do not hesitate to contact Tecnilab-BMI! You can reach them out in their contact page or at