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What a month! Discover all the conferences in which Bionomous took part in June

June has been a very busy month for Bionomous’ team: working on the release of the new version of the EggSorter, the adaptation of our technology to new models, and (of course) the participation and sponsoring of many different events and conferences!

We started our month of June participating in Future Labs Live 2022 in Basel, Switzerland. An event where we got to learn about the new developments and trends in the Pharma industry.

Ana Hernando, COO & co-founder at Future Labs Live

Bionomous receiving the pitching contest award at Future Labs Live

We also discovered the technology developed by the most promising start-ups in the field thanks to the pitching contest organized by 5-HT Digital Hub Chemistry & Health. A contest, that we won! And that we wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t because of all Bionomous’ team: its great effort, good work and creativity 🙌🏻

After Future Labs Live, on the 10th of June, we sponsored and participated in the Swiss Zebrafish Meeting 2022. Organised at the Biozentrum in Basel, we could visit the amazing installations of the center, and learn about the hot topics of research in zebrafish in Switzerland and Germany.

Ana Hernando, COO & co-founder, and Cristina Mills, Sales rep., at the Swiss Zebrafish Meeting

Basel City

From Basel, we travelled to Marseille, France, to exhibit our technology at FELASA 2022. FELASA is the Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations and organises a yearly congress to promote all aspects of laboratory animal science in Europe and beyond.

For us, participating at FELASA was a key point, as it is one of the main references with regard to responsible scientific conduct with animals in the life sciences and animal welfare. 

Ana Hernando, COO & co-founder, and Cristina Mills, Sales rep., at FELASA

And last, but not least, we finished our very exciting month of June by sponsoring and participating at IZFC 2022, in Montreal, Canada. 

The IZFC (‘International Zebrafish Conference’) has been THE “go to” meeting for the zebrafish community for more than two decades. And the event did meet our expectations! The talks covered a wide range of topics in zebrafish research, from one-single cell experiments to sustainability. Moreover, we really enjoyed the poster sessions in the afternoon, where researchers and exhibitors got to learn from each other and created this environment of a very open and friendly community. 

Quentin Golay, mechatronic engineer, and Ana Hernando, COO & co-founder, at IZFC 2022

Participating and sponsoring all these events is a key element for us. We deeply believe that collaboration and interchange between peers are some of the main driving forces of science and innovation. Besides, we could show our technology in the flesh for the first time after covid.

We have greatly enjoyed learning and sharing with the scientific community and specially with the zebrafish community, from which we love its openness and friendliness. We are looking forward to the next events!

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