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Venture Kick – Stage III

We want to thank Venture Kick for their trust and support!

It was January this year when we were selected to enter the Venture Kick program and now we are very excited to announce that we have reached the 3rd stage succesfully! Bionomous has been awarded with the 150,000 VK funding to bring automation to the lab.

Since we entered the Venture Kick road, we have accomplished several milestones that would not have been possible without their support. Among others, we have been able to finish the development of the beta version of the EggSorter that is ready to be tested with different institutions in Europe that have agreed to it. We have gained visibility in the zebrafish community thanks to a digital marketing strategy and the attendance to several conferences, which were presential, but also On-line, since we all had to adapt to Covid-19. And, we have grown as a team, from 3 employees to 8 people working in the project right now.

Venture Kick has not only offered us financial support, but also guidance and advice. During the Venture Kick road, we had the opportunity to participate in several ‘kickers camps’ that have allow us to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and stablish clearer strategies. 

Having the support of Venture Kick has really kicked us towards market entry!!

To know more about the Venture Kick process:

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