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On déménage!

Our team is growing and we are moving to a new and bigger space!

So far, since the beginning of the project we have been working at the Mechanics building of EPFL, generously hosted in the laboratories of Prof. Francesco Mondada, where in fact all the idea of the EggSorter started. 

But we have been growing and it is time to move into a bigger space, where we can continue developing our technology. In this way, from February we will be at the EPFL Innovation Park (Bâtiment F), hosted at maxon’s offices.

maxon motor, the specialist for drive systems, opened its maxon innovation Lab (miLab) at the EPFL in 2018 offering  a platform for hosting and exchange for high technologies, future markets and innovative business models for its employees, industrial and academic partners.

miLab provides ongoing exchanges with experts in new technologies and privileged access to the results of the latest developments. The Lab is also accessible to students and offers them opportunities for Master projects. 

On the other hand, the EPFL Innovation Park offers a unique environment, with centralised laboratories and state-of-the-art resources to facilitate research. It also hosts more than 200 companies, thus ensuring rich and fertile exchanges, and giving the opportunity to companies such as Bionomous to grow and develop. 

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