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BIONOMOUS raises CHF 1.3 million Seed funding in a round led by Nivalis Group

BIONOMOUS announces today it has raised a CHF 1.3 million Seed funding round led by Nivalis Group, with participation from SICTIC business angels and Venture Kick.

Since we founded Bionomous in 2019 it has been a challenging and exciting pathway to get where we are today. The closing of this Seed funding round is a huge milestone for our company. This fresh investment will allow us to accelerate the testing phase of the EggSorter, to develop a certified product ready-for-market, and to prepare for industrialization. 

The investment from Nivalis Group marks the start of a new development phase for Bionomous. Nivalis Group CEO Nicolas Corsi explains why they have taken an interest:

“We are confident that Bionomous is a great addition to the Nivalis Group family. With this investment we ticked off all the boxes we look for in a startup: a growing market segment, a product with excellent traction, a great team, and several underlying technologies that match our existing investments and allow us to create interesting synergies.”
Nicolas Corsi
CEO Nivalis Group

For the SICTIC investors, the reasons to invest are clear. In the words of Marcel Egger, lead SICTIC investor: 

“We found during our talks and in the due diligence process a great team with the right attitude. The product has numerous existing and future possible expansions in a promising technology in the medical, pharma research and numerous other fields. We are looking forward to contributing to this exciting venture!”
Marcel Egger
SICTIC lead investor

On our side, we believe that this milestone would not have been possible without the amazing team that we have. Thanks to our team work we have been able to develop a product that allows to increase research throughput and standardize processes in the Life Science industry and that can be adjusted to each of our client specific needs. Frank Bonnet, Bionomous CEO & Co-founder explains: 

“Our team has demonstrated its capacity to develop products tailored to the specific needs of our customers. This new investment, in addition to the interest of early adopters and the first confirmed orders we received despite the COVID pandemic, allow us to confidently move to the next development phase of our final product and to target a commercialization over the next two years.”
Frank Bonnet
CEO & Co-founder Bionomous

Furthermore, this Seed funding round will allow us to explore the possibilities to apply our technology to other segments in the industry, Bionomous CMO & Co-founder Ana Hernando adds:

“Leaders in the zebrafish field have expressed great interest in the EggSorter, which gives us the confidence to launch it to the market. Furthermore, we have received several requests to use our technology in other fields such as personalized medicine, diagnostics and aquaculture. Thanks to this investment round, our team can explore the possibilities to apply our technology to other segments and study new opportunities to diversify our product lines.”
Ana Hernando
CMO & Co-founder Bionomous

Read the official press release below.

Bionomous Team