Bionomous has moved to Le Vivier

Bionomous has moved to Le Vivier

Bionomous’ offices and headquarters move to Le Vivier Technology Park

Packing boxes and unpacking boxes… our last week has been exciting and full of changes as Bionomous was moving to its new location: Le Vivier Technology Park, in Villaz-St-Pierre, Switzerland.

Bionomous' team packaging at EPFL Innovation Park

Bionomous' team unpackaging at Le Vivier

Bionomous' office at Le Vivier

We have finally settled in in this Swiss hub hosting leaders in industrial engineering and innovation. Its 20,000 m2 of large industrial spaces, offices and laboratories offers optimal operating conditions and we see as the perfect place to start our industrialisation phase.

Le Vivier is managed by Nivalis Group, and it houses a mix of young startups and established businesses. We believe this is a unique opportunity to start new collaborations and learn from different industry innovators.

Learn more about Nivalis Group and Le Vivier here.

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