Zebrafish becomes a popular model organism in research. This is particularly due to the properties of the eggs of the zebrafish. The main drawback is that it requires high labor efforts to sort the eggs out and prepare them for the research. Up until now, there are no existing accessible convenient method in the market that is capable of sorting zebrafish eggs based on optical characteristics of the embryo during its development. Therefore, the only solution is to use valuable scientists’ time for a relatively simple task.

EggSorter device

What Bionomous proposes is a robotic device that allows to automatically observe, analyze, sort out and dispense small biological entities, such as the eggs of zebrafish. Our patented technology, created by highly qualified engineers from one of the best highest ranked universities in the world, provides with a portable and affordable solution for laboratories working intensively with zebrafish. The device does not even require an external computer, as all the processing is embedded, and the user can simply interact and configure the device via a convenient tactile screen and Android application. The device is portable and thus can be easily transported anywhere in the laboratory.